Friday, December 7, 2007

sabudana (Sago ) treat

This is the easiest delicacy u can eat when u are fasting or want to have a quick snack .Its not hard to prepare , but somehow needs extra care.

Ingredients :
Sabudana (sago)1 cup (soaked fr 3 hrs ), remove water , pat dry
{don't over soak them , they tend to get mushy}
oil 1-2 tsp
mustard seeds(rai) 1/2 tsp
groundnuts (fried)
green chillies
salt(to taste) kala namak (rock salt)works best (1/4 tsp )

heat oil in pan , add mustard seed as they splutter add green chilies.Now add sabudana , cook on low heat for 2 min , sprinkle salt , mix tenderly . You can also add some sugar (1 tsp). Put cilantro on top , squeeze lemon , add groundnuts .

You are ready to serve.

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