Wednesday, December 19, 2007

kheeranand recipe(rice pudding)

At our home , kheer was a must have sweet on all occasion , be a birthday or any puja . I still remember my mother standing in kitchen , preparing kheer , even before I got out of bed on my Birthdays.

Kheeranand is a solid version of kheer , very simple to make , but u need to be patient for preparing this sweet.Vivek introduced Kheeranand to me ,when I accidentally added more rice to kheer , he told me its another dish . I thought he is saying this to make me feel better (just like him!) , but now I know its true .

whole milk
5:1 ratio works well
(I used 2.5 litres of milk and around 300 gm rice )

sugar (equal to rice )
raisins , almonds , cashews (optional)
food color (optional)

Clean rice well and soak it in water .

Boil milk (add 1/2 cup water , so that milk does not burn or stick to bottom)

Add drained rice , switch the gas to medium , let the rice cook , keep stirring in between .

When rice is cooked completely, add sugar and cardamom powder and dry fruit .

Keep it on stove on low heat till desired consistency .

(rice absorbs milk as it cools down ).

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