Friday, January 16, 2009

Slumdog Millionaire Wht d h***

Slumdog Millionaire winner of 4 golden globe Awards , has had made a deep divide b/w film viewers . Some think it to be take on India and its poverty , others as the true vision of India .But is the classification so simple.

For me , its just a movie guys , and with its credentials , and awards , the fair share goes to its screenplay , acting , directing ,and cannot stop myself from thinking nothing would have helped on the award night if the change would have been just one from Hollywood to B*..Everything would have gone unnoticed .When A.R rehman expects Academy award for this one , I just can't help myself thinking about the music in Ye Des or Vande Matram , could he himself acknowledge that this work was better .

For those , who think its only accomplishment is the poverty , I fully disagree , no way its a movie about the reality of poor or slums or beggars , and its not even so popular and successful becoz of the glimpse of poverty , the movie keeps so u interested for the whole run , u connect with characters and u do not want to shift in your seats ,its 100 % masala movie just like so many others.If , for those who think Indian films are far away from reality watch Chandini bar or Aamir .

So , watch , enjoy and stop taking things so seriously.

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