Monday, November 19, 2007

Kindle -Amazon's new Gadget

OH my GOD!!!!!!!!Kindle is so cool . Just watching the video of Kindle made me feel so overexcited that I have had goose bumps.What can a book lover need more than Kindle.

The coolest feature of Kindle is that u can use it anywhere u want without worrying about Wifi spot (It simply uses the cellphone advanced tech , whatever it is )and can read it even in sunlight (which u can never imagine with your laptop).How much I craved for this feature in my Laptop .I remember all the few days in Seattle when there is bright sunlight outside and I took my laptop in the patio but to no avail . U can't see the screen in sunlight .So either enjoy sun or access ur laptop.

One more thing which adds one more feather in its sleeve is its Style Quotient .It is sleek and lightweight too .

My only concern is if I buy it in US would it work in India too and the cost its little on the higher side for my budget.

Anyways, I feel its totally so Awesome ............!!!!!!!