Monday, November 19, 2007

Atomic watches I want them all

As soon as I saw Casio Atomic watch the first thought which stuck me was I want to gift this to my hubby.They have almost all the coolest features - style , dual time zones n solar power .

Then I started collecting all the details about the watch and got to know that its wireless receives atomic time updates so u don't have to worry about day light saving or different time zones .So, u can roam about anywhere , everywhere hassle - free .

But, there is a glitch and big one too .Being an Indian I was worried if we move to India would it work there too So , I mailed Casio directly and I got a prompt negative reply . India doesn't have one of those Global atomic Clocks (OH , no !!!!!!!!!!How much I hate this ).

I hope soon we in India will get Global Atomic Clock and the watch would be the most giftable gift I would be able to buy. SOmeday, soon ......

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